Phase Pattern

Steve Zieverink and Philip Matesic, 2007 
Site-specific Architectural Composition, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

Intervening and expanding on the potential effect of projecting onto the HPAC façade, we chose to record the audio for our projection at the Notre

Dame Church in Chicago. This juxtaposition of a more ambient, spiritual space with a more contemporary, technological space sets forth the conceptual

framework of Phase Pattern. Within our projection, examined is notions of site-specificity and locality, current public art projects creating contemplative

spaces and a historical hybridization of the classical with the contemporary.


“Phase Patterns” projects images of twelve color textiles in correspondence to the twelve-tone chromatic scale. An example is the projection of a yellow/

green in conjunction with the vocalized tone of C. Each textile swatch is projected simultaneously with the vocalized tone. The overall composition

is atonal, based on the 12-tone chromatic scale. The 12-tone technique gives all 12 notes on the chromatic scale equal play within the composition,

resulting in a dissonant, inharmonious sound.

The importance of the 12-tone composition is within the systematization of the content. The more systematized composition was chosen to present yet another contrast, that of the modernist systemization to that of emotional and spiritual feeling.  The end result is an aural hybridization of the classical with the modern, similar to what is achieved architecturally with the merging of the spiritual and contemporary spaces of contemplation.


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