The Unit 2 Collective is a Chicago and Michigan based non-profit organization that supports artists and designers from varied genres and regions in community building endeavors, projects and exhibitions prioritizing the goal of dialog, innovation, environmental awareness and social change.


We not only facilitate common principles among artists, designers, theorists, practitioners and other professions, but also provide individual and communal workspace for members and visiting artists.

By bringing together divergent disciplines, we focus on connectivity through projects, lectures, workshops and shows. In addition, our emphasis on research, reflection and dialog dissolves old ideologies, thereby creating an open discussion throughout the communities of Chicago and beyond.


Since its inception in 2000, Unit 2 has brought together artists from various genres for exhibition and artistic council. Originally a grassroots organization that opened its studio annually in Cincinnati, Ohio as a converted exhibition venue, the Unit 2 Collective has since expanded its membership and increased its artistic production and curatorial activities to include exhibitions at smaller galleries and major arts institutions alike.


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