Steve Zieverink is a filmmaker, artist, educator and musician from Chicago and Michigan, where he is the Director of the Unit 2 Collective, a non-profit platform for programs with the goal of bringing together communities through curation, exhibition, and dialog.


In his art practice, he works within a range of media, medium, and materials, attempting to focus on ideas first and foremost. As an interdisciplinary artist, exploring multiple modalities utilizing sculpture, film, photography and installation, he also integrates discursive aspects from other concentrations such as science and anthropology.


A common thread in his work is the evolution of science, man’s impact and competition with natural systems. He takes a cross-disciplinary approach, exploring the human connection to sound, color, landscape, the built environment, displaced rituals, loss of place and freedom.


He believes artists have a role and responsibility to positively impact our world in so many ways, which are seemingly underutilized in today’s world. Artists can be researchers, makers, activists, storytellers and strategists who come to the table with clarity and a unique, impactful voice.

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