November 23rd

Steve Zieverink, 2009 HD video, 00:21:00

November 23rd is an experimental documentary about the dichotomy between established paths – the natural and atypical –with the seemingly futile human gesture. The opening scene, the artist’s release of a large red weather balloon, explores issues ranging from exploration and the sublime, to very universal themes of struggle such as loss, change, and accessibility to freedom.

Further examined in consequent scenes is the effect of change upon the natural landscape, ecological systems and inhabitants from human

“progress”. Human made borders and expansion, specifically industry, divide land and play a large role in habitat fragmentation.


As a whole, the piece explores the dichotomy between the simple experience of release and the opposite in-depth explanation given by science. This query leads the artist on a further dialogical journey exploring varied themes from landscape status and fragmentation to more topical subjects such as climatology and biology. Human invented tracking devices and means, in addition to documented routes, are utilized in an effort to understand the overwhelming effect of the information age upon the land and it’s inhabitants.


Also represented is the idea of safety, surveillance and exploration in relation to loss of freedom and mystery. Is getting lost possible or beneficial in the modern, scientifically prevalent world?


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