Live Station Project

Steve Zieverink & Wendy Uhlman, Site-Specific Installation, Southwest, MI

Installation & Workshops:

The Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, 2009

The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL 2010

Live Station is an off the grid living location in Southwestern Michigan. It’s designed for an individual to disconnect from the grid and reconnect to their humanity. As the information age progresses and technology becomes even more rooted in our everyday life, a place of escape, regeneration and contemplation is necessary. Live Station is a traveling exhibition focusing on the sharing of alternative living strategies and tools for DIY thinking. The gallery became a place of learning, listening, contemplation, and dialogue, as it incorporated the ideas of studio practice, re-use of materials, and an examination of the local waste stream.


Live Station is a place of contemplation, reflection and creativity while also aiming to be an evolving “tool-box” where the public is invited to build, draw, write and share. Various stations such as a construction station; salvaged material station; research, archive, and listening station; and contemplation and interaction station, allow the public to learn how to create objects with salvaged

materials. Materials, from the waste stream at large, are prepared for reuse and the objects may remain in the gallery or may be taken home. The various stations not only provide materials but also serve as a resource center for


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