Kinetic Opposition

Kinetic Light & Sound Installation, Steve Zieverink & Lou Larson

Cincinnati, OH, 2003

Combining longstanding technological principles with ideals fueling modern, classic, and ancient art movements, this installation explores human development in an age where the concepts of person and machine have become arguably inseparable. Human societies – genesis onward – have engaged the world in peculiar ways. It is through this engaging interaction of persons-in-world that societies demarcate a

relationship with Nature.


Until recent times, visual arts have focused primarily on human achievement in such a manner that technology’s effects were often depicted as heroic and beatific. In both ancient cave paintings and Renaissance frescos the images of human activities focus on the positive results of technological advancements, leaving much for us to question.


Addressing such human issues, which are still prominent in contemporary society, Kinetic Opposition seeks to include the latest developments in our quest for advancement in order to reiterate the potential of artistic interpretation within often haunting social developments. Combining selected examples of mankind’s greatest achievements — e.g. the pulley, the lever, the electric light, and the computer — each sculpture stands as an individual reminder of the absurdity of evolution. As an installation, the individuality of each sculpture becomes overshadowed by a shared world of disparate messages of lights and Morse code, trapping each sculpture’s

intelligibility within a collective language. Even as this language is created from individual sculptures, the solitary messages and meanings become lost as parts of an indecipherable whole.


Andrew Lougnane 2003, Exhibition Statement


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