In A Perfect World

An Installation and Performance by Steve Zieverink, 2008

In a Perfect World is an installation of sculptural objects combined with a performance directed by the artist. It deals with color/sound correspondence and the addition of rules and structures in the form of a game and consequently competition, chance and skill.


There are 24 game pieces, each color representing the corresponding musical note from the 12-tone chromatic scale. As the player moves the game piece, the resultant note is sung and repeated until the next piece is moved. This not only results in a musical composition of infinite possibilities, but also reflects the everyday constraints, ordering of life and game present in society.


Within the hyper controlled yet random, totalitarian environment of the performance, the viewer is witness to a distinct moment in time and begins to contemplate and identify with the player. The rules are questioned – is it a known game, how are the players making decisions and how relevant is strategy and winning?


The sound is influential in player concentration and could possibly affect choices, which will also consequently determine the sound. The overall utopian vision of synthetic constructs was heightened within the polished objects of the game structures, constricting the human element yet somehow, within all these systems, emotion, feeling and connection prevailed.

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