Good Luck With Your Horn

Steve Zieverink, 2008 & 2011 16 Millimeter Film and Installation, 00:05:21

The Factory Square Fine Arts Festival, Parr Projects, Cincinnati, OH

Good Luck With Your Horn is a film, performance piece and installation centered around a large, pneumatic brass horn. The film documents a pilgrimage and the experiential landscape via the horn as a mobile device, taking the object from place and locality to non-site.


Portrayed is an overwhelming sense of landscape in comparison to one’s self. Reflected is the loneness and contemplation experienced in contrast to the vast Great Lake. Examined and discovered is romanticism in contemporary art through the exploration of the natural world and analyzed is our vulnerability in attempting to relate to the overwhelming power of nature.


The horn is a highly manufactured device, traditionally used on ships as a warning signal, and aesthetically looks like the large cone of a tuba. The material is spun brass, made on a metal lathe, and is controlled pneumatically with an air compressor. The booming sound originates in a power box and an oscillating chamber controls the air.


When combined, this specific length, width and material creates an individual sound that travels across long distances. Freestanding and mounted on a tripod-like stand, the horn is positioned at 5 ft. to personify a human being.


Foremost, the disruption or blast, exemplifies our existence and state of being in the universe through a simple gesture of “yelling out” into a wide expansive space. As well as marking time, this gesture is asking a question, not necessarily receiving a response and consequently,

exposes our vulnerability.

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